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NO.1All products through the certification quality system

  • The quality of products in line with IPC600G, MIL, the United States UL, China CQC standards
  • Products through the ISO9001, ISO14001 registered certification
  • Hazardous substance control of the product according to QC080000 standard production process control
  • Raw material procurement, processing technology in line with RoHS and WEEE directive requirements

NO.2Focus on the circuit board industry experienced trustworthy

  • Mingxing big circuit is the industry's leading circuit board manufacturer
  • Has a group of high-quality production R & D team and professional management personnel, to provide you with better service

NO.3Experienced, effective control of your time and cost savings

  • With advanced production equipment and testing technology, automatic Shen Jin line, automatic Shen copper wire, automatic plating line, fully automated CNC drilling machine and other automatic production line force。
  • Production capacity of 50000m2 per month

NO.424 hours quick proofing, 7 day on time delivery service is guaranteed

  • One hour quotation response, 24 hours a comprehensive marketing services。
  • 24 hours of expert technical support, all-weather production operations。
  • 24 hours fast proofing, to provide you with accurate delivery。

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Analysis and Judgment of Impurities in PCB Acidic Nickel Plating

Analysis and Judgment of Impurities in PCB Acidic Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is the plug of gold-plated bottom w...

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Yiyang City Mingxing Electronics Co., Ltd

Yiyang Mingxingda Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016. The factory is located in the Pioneer Park of Yiyang High-tech Zone, a national high-tech park, with convenient transportation. We sincerely hope to become your strategic business partner and develop together with you. grow!
·Mainly engaged in high-precision single-sided/double-sided....

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